6 Best laptops for College 2020

If you’re looking for a laptop that could fit your needs for college or office, choices can be quite confusing, The tons of jargon (e.g. processor gigahertz and generation) could make buying process more painful than it should ever be.

To make sure you get one of the best college laptops this guide has favored the latest processors from intel and AMD. This ensures a lag free experience and power saving therefore better battery life.

Picking the right laptop shouldn’t be a problem if you prioritize the needs and set a budget. Always Keep an eye for screen resolution, CPU generation and battery life.

We researched the best laptops for college 2020 according to consumers and critics, these are the finest models with the latest technologies.

The Macbook air offers a premium laptop experience, from display to audio to build quality everything feels top notch. The latest 10th Gen intel are definitely a worthy pump. Now you have 3 different processor options the dual core i3, quad core i5 and quad core i7. The entry level model gets 256GB standard as well.

Even with the entry level i3 model browsing, media playing and productivity apps work seamlessly well. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading to i5 is worth it, well the extra cores pump pay under heavy load, if you plan on video editing the i5 is worth it.

The i7 will theoretically have the same performance as the i5 because of the cooling limitation so it shouldn’t be worth the upgrade.

Microsoft’s surface 3 laptop is sleek, stylish and has enough power. The Trackpad and keyboard are superb and weight is kept in check.

If you prefer windows, surface 3 laptop lives up to Macbook air standards and you can’t go wrong picking either.

The 13 inch Macbook pro 2020 brings the new intel processors and pushes performance with upgraded ram speeds. The new magic keyboard has been positively welcomed by community and critics, replacing the rather controversial butterfly model.

The entry level models unfortunately miss on the sweet upgrades and you have to chip in at least 1799$ to get the latest goodies, however the 1299$ model is actually pretty satisfactory to the majority of users and aces the price to value ratio.

You also might wanna consider the 16 inch model if you’re willing to do professional video editing or any heavy graphic projects.

The Thinkpad is an infamous Lenovo series trusted by researchers and students world wide and the E595 doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking to get durable quality and reliable performance the E595 is a hard to beat deal. 

AMD’s Ryzen 3500u (or optional 3700u) offers more than enough power to handle everything smoothly and the Vega graphics is clearly ahead of intel’s counterpart. 

Battery life is decent and the IPS display won’t disappoint.  

Huawei matebook manages to make well use of the latest Ryzen processors, keeping heat under control and performance up to bar. This AMD version is also around 300$ cheaper than the intel model. 

Although having about an hour less of battery life vs the intel model, it makes up with pulling better performance. Overall the build quality feels premium and the display is very acceptable at this price point.


Acer’s aspire 5 is a solid budget laptop. While the AMD Ryzen definitely surprises well at this price point, the good keyboard and case make for an unpeatable offer under 500$.

The cooling solution is not the best, however it should handle most office work without a problem. 

The entry level comes with AMD 3200u, it pales in performance compared to the 3500u which is priced at around a 100$ more. 

If you don’t plan to do use processor heavy apps you can get away under 500$ with the AMD 3200u, it has more than enough power to smoothly utilize daily tasks from video to browsing.

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