5 Best Metatarsal Pads for Metatarsalgia

Finding the best metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia shouldn’t be hard, but first understanding the disorder and taking a look at different designs helps you find what best suits your needs.

Metatarsalgia (inflammation of foot’s ball) is a painful condition that might develop when constant stress is applied through activities like jumping and running. Fortunately full recovery is achievable through ice, rest and wearing proper footwear.

This is where Metatarsal pads become handy, they effectively redistribute the weight bearing off the injured bones thus instantly relieving pain and providing time for injury to heal. 

Metatarsal pads come in different designs and thicknesses to suit various needs. The pads are designed to stick inside the shoe while sleeves are worn over the foot. Thickness is an important variable to keep an eye on if you go with the pads, shoe, foot size and weight should be considered to make a comfortable match. A too thick pad will encumber your foot, while a too thin one won’t be that effective and will feel loose.

The pads also have a strong advantage of being able to be placed wherever you want them, thus effectively targeting area of pain.

We researched the best metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia according to critics and consumers.We only choose the proven to work products with consistent ratings and critic acclaim so you can never go wrong with your purchase.


This is the ultimate Metatarsal pad pack, the Hapad Metatarsal Foot Pain Relief Cushion comes with 6 pairs of 100% wool very comfy pads, that could fit any type of footwear. With strong adhesive back the pads are secured in place to offer adequate relief of pressure, thanks to the 5/16 inch thickness. The orthotic inserts shift the weight away from the metatarsal region and relieves pressure off the ball of the foot.


Soft silicone and Gel cushion design help decrease pressure impact on the metatarsal ball, furthermore it helps in cases of callus and diabetic foot. Vesigo Metatarsal Sleeve Pads are soft, easy to wear, washable and reusable. If you like wearable sleeves design, the unisex one size fit most makes it an attractive option. 

Mars Wellness

These are another viable alternative for Hapad at a cheaper price, but still offering full 6 pair (12 pieces) pack. Mars Wellness Metatarsal Felt Foot Pads come in three different optional thicknesses and are durable and their adhesive back is quite solid, plus they’re made in US.


Daliva Ball of Foot Cushions sleeves with sole cushion gel pads are made of stretchable, durable, and soft materials with breathable structure allowing them to be worn under socks with no problems. The fabric is lightweight knit, unisex, washable and reusable. The pads are made of soft gel and offer adequate relief for various syndrome’s including Metatarsalgia, Bunion pain, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma.


Brison metatarsal pads are designed in a different way than others, it’s made of eco medical grade SEBS rubber which is breathable, washable and reusable. The quality feels premium and durable and it offers adequate relief at this price point.  

  1. Bought the daliva for 13$, quality product and suitable for stretching and exercises.

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