5 Best Leather Conditioners

Leather is a luxurious charming amenity that is quite pleasant aesthetically and sensibly, but unfortunately, it’s highly susceptible to wear and tear and sun damage. However, taking proper care of your leather might be easier than you think, picking one of the best leather conditioners and properly applying it will keep your leather lively, smooth and shiny as ever.

“Whether it’s your lovely sofa, valuable jacket or expensive car interior, neglecting leather care can have a heavy toll on value and looks.”

Degradation happens overtime due to exposure to damaging ultraviolet sun rays that slowly dry and erode the original protective factory coating and conditioners. Dust and debris clog the pores on the leather surface causing stains and changes in appearance. Other factors include accidental drink and food spills and sweat.

The conditioners work by cleaning the dirty pores and applying a thick protective layer that restores leather shine and smoothness and guards against the harmful hazards that constantly degrade the leather’s quality.

Some of the best leather conditioners are rich in natural oils which makes them even more suitable to restore cracked neglected surfaces, others have non toxic ingredients which target products like jackets and bags.

We researched the best leather conditioners according to critics and consumers and as always on price and guide we only choose the proven to work products with consistent ratings and critic acclaim so you can never go wrong with your purchase.

Leather Honey

Since it’s development in the 60’s Leather Honey Leather Conditioner has been a renowned leather protection choice. It works on all kinds of leather products including furniture, shoes and car interiors. The big advantage with leather honey is that one application lasts for six months, pretty justifiable reason for the price premium.

Chemical Guys

This is another decent option, Chemical guys leather cleaner and conditioner comes as a pack with cleaner and conditioner in separate bottles, their quirk is a unique formula that creates a protective barrier over the small pores in the leather safeguarding against dirt, dust and oils from ruining the surface. It also leaves a mild leather scent that is appreciated by a lot of users.


Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner formula has six natural oils and this makes the best in restoring cracked or neglected leather. A single application with no rubbing or buffing, just a gentle wipe over the leather and you’re set, it also leaves a pleasant scent that lasts a long time. 


Trinova leather Cleaner and conditioner works for a plethora of products, including jackets bags, car interiors, furniture and much more. Its toxic free formula makes it safer to use on products of constant contact to human skin. Like other products it performs well by cleaning and leaving a protective coating layer that isolates water and reduces sun damage.


Meguiar is a reputable and a key player in the automotive car space and Meguiar’s gold class rich leather cleaner and conditioner is worthy of the name, while offering plenty of value for a low price. It performs the basic task of maintaining the leather but definitely not as good as the top brands. Customer reviews are solid and overall it’s a good budget choice.

Don’t forget to enhance your application with a proper Towel to prevent scratches or damage to surfaces, and ensure a consistent spread of the conditioning product.

Chemical Guys

With chemical guys premium microfiber towel applications are evenly spread, lint free and will never scratch or abuse the surface. It also works consistently under wet and dry conditions. These towels are professional grade and stand up to chemical guys standards, they are machine washable and are reliable thanks to the long lasting microfibers. The edges are silk banded to give a quality feel.

Critics who recommended products : Thedrive, Truecar, carcaretotal and autowise.

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